Art Yarn Christmas Baubles

bowl of baubles

These little yarn baubles make lovely festive decorations or a quick and simple last minute small gift.


I used a minimum of 6.5 yards of hand spun art yarn, but any pretty decorative yarn would work. Wind it into a tight ball with your hands.

P1080462Fold a length of ribbon or sari silk in half and, using a large darning needle, thread it through the middle of the ball; leaving a large enough loop to hang the bauble up with. I found it easiest to thread each half of the ribbon seperately. Then thread a bead or circles of felt over the ribbon and put a knot in the top to secure it.P1080464.jpegThen thread another wooden bead or circles of felt to the lengths of ribbon at the bottom. You can also decorate with wooden or glass beads or little bells and leave some ribbon or sari silk as a little tassel too, if you like. P1080465



Then finish them off with a band of ribbon, braid or lace around the middle. You can really go to town here and add sequins or decorative stitches as well.ย 


Merry Christmas All.

See you in the new year xxx

hanging bauble.JPG

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