Eco-friendly hand spun yarns . . . for creative people who tread softly on the earth.

Inspired by nature and the changing seasons, every yarn I make is unique.

Combining time-honoured, traditional crafting techniques, with a playful contemporary twist, each yarn is individually designed and hand crafted in my cozy wool filled workroom in the North East of England.

The process begins by sourcing high quality raw sheep fleece from specialist Rare Breed and Heritage Sheep breeders. I like to seek out growers who keep their sheep as pets, as they are loved throughout their natural lives and do not end up in the food chain, so wool made from their fleece is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Where possible I also choose fleece from growers who adopt organic principles and procedures.

The raw fleece is sorted, hand washed, a process known as ‘scouring’, in eco-friendly products, and dried natural in the fresh air. It is then carded by hand and either made into rolags to spin directly or blended with other wools on my drum carder to make a bat from which to spin. Depending on the effect I want to achieve, sometimes I will dye the fleece before spinning and sometimes afterwards. I like to mix natural coloured fleece with hand dyed fleece and use both professional quality Acid dyes and plant based colours to achieve the effects I’m looking for.

Once the fleece has been spun into yarn it is wound onto a ‘Niddy Noddy’ and finished. This involves washing, with eco-friendly products, blocking and drying before being wound into a skein, weighed and measured and photographed and listed for sale http:/www.HeritgeHandspun.etsy.com

I use 100% recycled and compostable craft tissue paper and 100% compostable mailer bags. When possible, I pack the yarns flat for postage so that they will, hopefully, fit through your letterbox.